Production Day

The Four Anchors! I had a wonderful time working with these three ladies!

The entire crew produced such an amazing show! But of course we couldn’t do it without the help of our two SJI counselors, Lina and Sade, and of course Mr. Brian Snyder!

It has been another busy, somewhat stressful, and amazing week here at SJI12! Today was our first day of production and it went great! Everyone had their chance to step up and shine! The first picture shown are the four anchors from today’s production: Myself (sports), Nicole, Tatiana (lead anchors), and Nicole (the cutest weather girl we all have ever seen). Of course, it’s not all about the anchors that make the show, it’s about the entire crew. The next picture is the entire staff that helped put the show together.

Before we did our productions, we had two guest speakers come and talk to us today. Dave Pratt from the show was the first. He is one of the most successful radio broadcasters the world has ever seen. He’s done radio for over 30 years and he has worked with Howard Stern. The second was the legendary Al McCoy, the voice of the PHX Suns. Both of these men were such an inspiration to me and I learned a lot from both of them!


Food Truck Friday!

Food Truck Friday is finally here! I can not be more excited to get all this yummy food  in me!(:

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer richer experience.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

Quote of the Week

Interview with Charli Turner Thorne

Interview with Charli Turner Thorne

June 7, 2012 I had the privilege to sit down with the ASU head women’s basketball coach, Charli Turner Thorne. She talked about how she felt being back after her nine month sabbatical and her goals for the upcoming season.

The first week …

These are all of my new friends and future co-workers. The friendships that are developed at SJI 2012 are endless!

The first week of the Summer Journalism Institute is quickly coming to an end. I have learned so many new things about filming and using Final Cut Pro! I am so excited to come back next week and continue to improve my journalism skills. This week I have accomplished and met so many amazing people. I got to meet Daron Sutton and Luis Gonzalez of the AZ Diamondbacks, and then yesterday I met and interviewed head women’s basketball coach at ASU, Charli Turner Thorne. I can not be more excited for the rest of my career in broadcasting. Here’s a picture of all my new friends, they have made this SJI experience for me ten times better! Thanks for reading!